Tobi (Lobocito)

A genetically modified individual, Tobi stands at a diminutive 4'2", sporting a thin, agile build. He has brown hair, green eyes, and a spray of freckles across his nose. His fox features are fluffy, red-furred ears, a stripe of fur along his spine, and a long red tail with a tuft of white at the end. He appears about fourteen years old, even though he's twenty-one. This is due to the fact that his genetic modifications were made before his hormones had a chance to fully mature.

In the grip of an organized crime syndicate from infancy, Tobi's growing up years were not pleasant ones. He was genetically modified against his will and used as a depraved stream of income for the organization. Trained in the art of pleasing others, and all that entails, he was quite charming and good at what he did. All in the name of survival.

In time, he came to learn that he was not the only one the syndicate used in such a manner, but he had little contact with the other individuals in his situation. There was only one he knew well; her name was Wisteria. They worked together for awhile, a special request from a prominent client. The organization gave them a place to live in the same run-down apartment complex. In their off hours, the two of them grew to know each other. The bond they formed was one of deep, familial love. 

Once he knew Wisteria, escape became a primary goal for Tobi. He sought all manner of methods to come by it. The problem being that each time he left, he was tracked down and brought back. Punished for his disobedience, watched more closely for awhile, then put back out into the field. His fourth attempt at escape finally brought him the liberation he so tirelessly pursued.

On the run from agents of the crime syndicate which had controlled him his entire life, he encountered two individuals who saved him from being dragged back for the fourth, and perhaps final, time. A medic bioroid by the name of Sebastian 387G55, and a cyborg called Ty Wren. It's meeting them, and connecting with the street gang known as Los Naufragos, which changed his life drastically for the better.

That is when Tobi's story truly began.