Journeys in the Dark

Quest #1, "Into the Dark"

1 February 2008, Game Kastle 2

On Friday, February 1 we had our monthly Descent game.

In an attempt to lure the heroes into a false sense of security, and to insure that I don't crush their hopes too quickly, I ran an easier quest tonight: Quest #1, "Into the Dark."

Player - Character

Lisa - Ronan the Wild
Tom I. - Runewitch Anstarra
Rob R. - Battlemage Jaes
Kris M. - Overlord

In this game I used my Treachery to add Cursed Items. On turn 2 Battlemage Jaes opened a chest and was cursed with Glass Armor (Armor bonus +0, wearer takes 2 extra wounds when hit).

The heroes worked well together and won the scenario with 6 Conquest tokens after the giant was killed.


None tonight.