Spoiled Brat

  1. 14 March 2008: Overlord Win
  2. Tactics

On 14 March 2008 we had our monthly Descent game at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, California.


Lisa M. - Nanok of the Blade: Rapid Fire, Enduring, Knight
Cande M. - Sir Valadir: Tough, Alertness, Wind Pact
Rob R. - Laurel of the Bloodwood: Marksman, Deflect Arrows, Able Warrior

We played Quest #4 from Journeys in the Dark, "Spoiled Brat." In this quest the heroes are supposed to rescue the princess from the dungeon. She has been knocked unconscious, so one of the heroes will have to carry her throughout the quest. For every turn she is not in the possession of a hero, the Overlord gets to draw an additional Overlord Card and gets 2 Threat Tokens.

On turn 2, Laurel had the princess but she zoomed away from the other heroes to grab some treasure. That was the party's first mistake, around the corner a Beastman Party spawned and killed Laurel during the Overlord's turn. The princess was dropped on the floor. The Overlord gets and extra card and 2 Threat! Nanok looked at the map and suggested going out the northeast door, away from the Runelocked door and towards the big room in the northeast. Most likely, he thought, the Red Runekey would be in that room.

The Overlord got the Evil Genius Overlord card into play! He now draws 3 Overlord cards per turn. The clock is ticking faster...

On turn 5, Sir Valadir is killed by 2 Ogres in Area 5. They did find the Red Runekey in this room.

Turn 6, Scott E. joined the game, playing Runemaster Thorn.

Turn 7: Laurel was killed again and dropped the Princess again. The heroes never picked her up again during this game. The Overlord is now drawing 4 cards per turn and getting 2 extra Threat! The heroes only have 3 Conquest tokens now and the Overlord deck is almost gone--that will remove those last 3 Conquest tokens, ending the game.

Turn 8: The heroes discussed a new plan and fled back to town, leaving the King's daughter alone in the dungeon. Well, not quite alone. She had lots of company from some Dark Priests, Sorcerors, and worse.

Turn 10: The heroes returned and, leaving the Princess on the other side of the dungeon, tried to get into the southeast room behind the Red Runelocked door. They almost made it, but it wouldn't have made any difference. A boulder trap was rolling towards the heroes, they wouldn't have made it to the next glyph, and the Overlord drew the last card in the deck... Time to go home. That poor princess.


As the Overlord I constantly targeted the hero carrying the princess. I wanted them to drop her as often as possible. The heroes made this easy by not protecting the hero carrying the princess.

The heroes need to stay in a tighter group and protect the hero carrying the princess. They also cannot leave the princess on the floor... ever!