Well of Darkness

Quest #1, "Buried Alive"

8 December 2007, Game Kastle 2

Player - Character

Lisa M. - Bogran the Shadow
Ray W. - Sahla
Rob R. - Trenloe the Strong
Glyn D. - Brother Glyr
Kris - Overlord

We played Well of Darkness, Quest #1, "Buried Alive."

The heroes did pretty well at killing monsters, but they just couldn't keep ahead of the collapsing ceiling.

Starting on round 1 the clock was set ticking by the dungeon ceiling collapsing behind the heros. They needed to move faster than normal...or else!

Starting on round 2, a big factor in the game was the ghost which followed the heroes draining Fatigue or Wounds if it passed through their square. If a hero was out of Fatigue, the ghost would cause Wounds. If the hero was Resting to get back Fatigue while exhausted, the ghost would cause Wounds negating the Rest.

Otherwise the monsters were mostly speed bumps to slow the heroes down. But the treasure in out of the way corners was also a delaying factor.

By round 10, Boggs the Rat (Sahla's familiar) was crushed under the falling rubble. On round 11 the collapsing ceiling was almost caught up to the heroes. Unfortunately, they had 6 monsters including an ogre between them and the next glyph.

On round 12 only Brother Glyr was still alive. The only glyph in the dungeon wasn't active and there were 7 monsters between Glyr and the glyph. The rest of the heroes were resurrecting back in town.

On round 13 Brother Glyr took as many monsters with him as possible but he couldn't get out of the section that was collapsing that turn. Glyr is buried with most of the monsters in that area. There were 5 Quest Tokens left but all the heroes were recovering in town with no glyphs in the dungeon to teleport to. Overlord Victory! 


Probably the heroes needed to spend some more fatigue to speed ahead of the ghost. As the ghost only moves 4 squares per turn, this sets a pace for the heroes.

The treasure was pretty useless stuff and the heroes didn't have time to go back to town to spend the money, so it probably could have been ignored to stay ahead of the ghost and buy more time.