Crew Logs:  Lost in the Groin of Saint Drusus

Roland's Log Chapter 3

Verse 1

We've arrived safely though the warp, no sign of the little ship that we were escorting. Time will only tell if we'll see them again. Every jump through the warp is eerie, and who knows if your ship shall ever be seen again? Yet we plow ahead, disregarding the perils. Is it our because of our faith or our stupidity that we continue to do so?

Verse 2

Hailed by Captain Finality of the Spaceship.....Finality. (Of Planet Finality?) I don't trust her. She looks very young but speaks as if she is much older. The Rogue Trader scheduled a dinner with her but continues to make landing preparations at the cathedral. Is he planning on ignoring her, or does he think this task shall fall this simply?

Verse 3

Lord Draconis continues to show off his Navy training. Presented a lit entryway, and an unlit entryway into the cathedral he has chosen....both. He's ordered his officers collectively into the unlit one, and troops into the lit one. I'd prefer we all try to sneak through the unlit one, I would wager that Quinn would like to frontally assault the lit one. I think choosing both will satisfy neither of us.

Verse 4

Apparently whomever designed this place thought that to be a true representation of the saint, the hallways should be like the internal viscera of the saint itself. I would have much preferred going up meaning going up the place, but apparently an easy design was not on the blueprints that day. We have managed to meet up with the relatively friendly survivors of the cathedral who can finally guide us to the generators. Unfortunately, our troops have met up with their conquerors, and they are not fairing well. We are too far away to help them, so we must continue forward.

Verse 5

Straight into an ambush laid by an enemy prepared by our troops entrance. They even had time to take hostages from them. No matter, if they got surrendered, then they are incompetent, and of no use to us.

Quinn and I shall give them release.

Verse 6

Quinn is devastating. Even the enemy leader in power armor with a power sword is forced to flee before his onslaught. Quinn wants her head, and is chasing her down whatever bolt hole the designers of this cathedral thought should be available. Even though I've been lightly wounded in the leg, I better follow him

Verse 7

Our chase brings us to a sealed door. I'm pretty sure the enemy leader has escaped, but Quinn's determined to wait for a blasting team to find out. And our Rogue Trader is.....getting ready for dinner with Captain Finality. I think I shall stop writing now, lest I drift off into obscenities.