Crew Logs:  Finally Finality

Alberecht's Journal


                We are become a crew! I have at times despaired of us ever working in concert until we meet some unpleasant end. But this day we have been flung upon the forge and emerged unscathed – nay, tempered!

Upon arrival at Foulstone, our captain gave chance to a scoundrel which fled from us behind Foulstone 3. On rounding the rock, we were set upon by it and a companion in ambush.

The scene, for your dead eyes, were two fearsome Onslaught class raiders: Much lesser in stature than our Frieze, yet comparably armed. Each had two batteries in their prow, and another dorsal. But their guns were likely the least to be feared; Those vast gleaming prows painted in gruesome reds and blacks and fashioned like great sets of teeth - hinting of a terrible strength which could rip our Frize wide to a horde of merciless demons; and yet more hideous demons seeking to assault us in boarding craft.

Against the pair, it would have been folly to stand toe-to-toe and let our broadsides alone speak for us. We engaged in a long drawn battle of maneuver. Keeping clear of their prows and giving their guns and craft only fleeting target. Meanwhile our chief gunner and Draconis himself manned our batteries. The distance and maneuver gave our shots small chance of scoring as well, but in time they gained fearful purchase on first one foe then the other.

At one crucial moment, it seemed to me that we might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…

We had greatly crippled one of the raiders, and were wearing away at the other, when Draconis flung us between them and directly into the path of the cripple. Those teeth grew suddenly vast, and my knuckles white, but our stern cleared their prow by what seemed inches, leaving those teeth gnashing.

Draconis certainly does not lack courage.

A few more sharp turns, with our guns raking the cripple, rendered it a flaming hulk.

The remaining foe continued to resist, but our guns soon found its vitals. And by stroke of luck, her treasury was left intact.

Throughout all, the crew of the Frieze acquitted themselves with distinction. Against two creditable enemies, only the merest damage reached her worthy hull; just enough scar to signal her victory.

And now, she calls me back to duty … though I remains yours first, forever,