Crew Logs:  The Uncle's Interest

Alberecht's Log


I do not recommend vacationing on Foulstone 2.

Following the destruction of the raiders, we salvaged what we could and made our way to deliver our passengers: professor Caledon and his team.

Though we thoroughly scanned the planet and the plateau he selected, we found naught that would interest anyone I can image. We even escorted the good professor to the ground so we could see the bleak landscape first-hand. It wouldn't even measure up to purgatory; this is indeed limbo. What brings him is utterly beyond me; yet there must be something...

Nevertheless, we are paid. I just hope we have not condemned the professor and his team to a tedious demise…

We are now en-route to Dolorium after a brief stopover at Kain's Abyss. The voyage inbound was another extended period in the warp, so we thought to take a bit of leave on the planet. We found it had only one feature to recommend it over Foulstone 2; a vast rift deep into the planet and an utter lack of atmosphere; a stay there would at least be mercifully short.

Faithfully yours,