Rogue Trader Captain Balthazar Bainthzen

A short man, he is highly augmented with bionic left eye, left ear and lungs.

Ship: Excoriation of the Damnable Xenos in the Name of the Blessed God-Emperor AKA "Damnable"
Class: Tempest-class Frigate
ID: dull black with dark gunmetal highlights. No insignia.

-Cpt Bainthzen entertains guests in a ballroom-sized Observation Dome
-female servitors serve guests. They are Good-quality but a bit odd looking.

Boggs, Criminal Gang Leader

Deceased crime lord on Footfall that specialized in extortion, robbery and murder.

Gil, Criminal Gang Leader

Crime lord on Footfall that deals in proscribed narcotics including "Sparkle," a purplish vial of liquid of unknown origin.  The Inquisition suspects Sparkle has ties to a cult of Slaanesh.

Guile, Criminal Gang Leader

Guile is involved in quasi-legal slave trade.  Her other activities probably aren't so legal, but she is a good source of crew and the Frieze took on some of her merchandise after they removed her from the mission of St. Drusus on Footfall.