Dhakkan's Cell

Dark Heresy Campaign


The Characters

Player Character
Silon Quintus
Void Born Psyker (Port Wrath)
Feudal World Adept
Castus Zane
Dead World Arbitrator
Ishmael Havelock
Feral World Guardsman (ex-93rd Lacusta)
Feral World Guardsman (ex-93rd Lacusta)
Praetus Lilitus
Hive World Mercenary (Noble background)
Void Born Psyker (Rogue Trader Lucrum)

The Story

Dhakkan's Cell #1, "Freeing Lilitha" - 4 Feb 2008

Last night we started the campaign of Inquisitor Dhakkan's cell.

Rob: Hive World Mercenary, Praetus
Cande: Void Born Psyker, Silon Quintos
Hank: Dead World Arbitrator, Castus Zane
K.C.: Feral World Guardsman, Ishmael Havelock
Chris: Feudal World Adept, Mercutio
Tom: Void Born Psyker, Victus
Matt: Feral World Guardsman, Kaarl

Bront (Agri-World), Malfian Sub-Sector

This incident occurred before the aforementioned citizens were members of the Inquisition.

Bront is an agri-world that supplies grain to the local subsector. The planetary governor has a reputation for being a tyrant and sadist, but the grain flows so the Imperium doesn't question his methods or the fact that several young women have been disappearing from the planetary capital lately.

Kaarl was in the planetary governor's prison awaiting judgment for violating regulations. Praetus and Ishmael were guards. Arbitrator Zane was visiting as part of another investigation. The psykers and Mercutio, as part of the governor's staff, were in a nearby building.

Screams and waves of psychic energy brought the attention of the aforementioned citizens. They found the governor in a subterranean vault chanting a [content expunged] while [expunged] a young woman who was bound by chains. The aforementioned citizens rendered the governor (who seemed unable or unwilling, to stop his blasphemous chanting) unconscious and dragged him to a nearby cell. Victus recovered a book that the governor had been reading from. Praetus quickly unbound the girl who revealed herself to be a demon calling itself Lilitha. The demon vanished in ball of energy that destroyed the governor's keep with the exception of a column of bedrock that the citizens were later found stranded on.

The Inquisition was summoned. The book of [expunged] was confiscated from Sanctioned Psyker Victus and the citizens were brought in for questioning.

Did the citizens notice any markings on the chains that bound the demon?

Did any of them read any part of the book?

Why do they think they were spared when the governor, the governor's keep and all evidence of their story were obliterated?

Aforementioned citizens shall undergo standard Inquisitorial purification procedures. Given their ability to survive contact with a class [restricted] demon, we recommend that they be placed under the supervision of Inquisitor Dhakkan (who has taken extreme interest in their case) and that they be trained in the use of hexagrammatic wards.

Player Tales

Dhakkan's Cell #2: "Old Acquaintance" - 3 Mar 2008

The acolytes' first mission together after their Inquisitional basic training.

Rob: Hive World Mercenary, Praetus
Cande: Void Born Psyker, Silon Quintos
Hank: Dead World Arbitrator, Castus Zane
Tom: Void Born Psyker, Victus
Matt: Feral World Guardsman, Kaarl

Hive Tarsus, Scintillus (Calixis Sector Capitol); 966.M41

The acolytes are sent to raid a hive habitat where suspected smugglers of xeno-tech reside. Castus has a flashback...

Junos, Dead Mining World (Fydae System, Malfian Sub); 961.M41

Castus leads a squad of Arbites Troopers on a successful raid of an obscura user's den. Some of the obscura addicts escaped, and it seems that some details were not entered on the official reports. Castus's squad mates talked about it among themselves though.

Hive Tarsus; 966.M41

... acolytes successfully raided weapons smugglers habitat. A weapon of xeno manufacture was recovered. Unfortunately, interrogation of the two surviving smugglers revealed that many more xeno weapons may be present on Scintillus. Smugglers were middle-men between the ship Children of the March and "Cartage Capitol Holding Company." Acolytes are tasked to investigate further...

Dhakkan writes: The acolytes are to be commended on their good teamwork in apprehending the well armed smugglers while not taking any serious injuries; though, I wonder about their choice of the word 'pop-tart' in the cell's tactical glossia.

Player Tales

Dhakkan's Cell #3: "Dry, Dry Heat" - 14 Mar 2008

266.966.M41, Scintilla

The acolytes discover the dreary side of investigating a heresy.

Tom - Victus, void born psyker
Cande - Silon Quintus, void born psyker
Hank - Castus Zane, Arbitrator
K.C. - Ishmael Havelock, formerly 93rd Lacusta, I.G.
Matt - Kaarl, formerly 93rd Lacusta, I.G.
Rob - Praetus, former mercenary

The acolytes caught a redeye shuttle back to Hive Tarsus. There, they attempted to plumb the depths of the planetary dock's administration--a miniscule, but still massive and byzantine, department of the Administratum.

Rogue Trader Captain Greenhalj was missing 1-ton of "specialized goods." Master of Docks Michaelus was unavailable. After gaining passage through the golden arch of the Port Master's office, the acolytes met some adepts that were "helpful."

The acolytes travelled through the blistering Tarsus heat to the Cartage Capitol Holding Company. Most of them felt real sunburn for the first time. The neighboring Xyclos Freight company's employees reported that the CCHC had been abandoned for almost 6 months. But there was a surprise inside... and some pictures.

Player Tales