Adventure 1: Seven Deadly Sins

Played: 28 December 2004
Storyteller: Kris
Players: T.C (Austin), Scott (Bruce), Cheryl (Sebastian), Doug (Antony)-some of Tristan's Flemish mercenaries

Domfront, Normandy

Hodge, a retired Flemish mercenary who served at the Battle of Hastings. He is older and has some Decrepitude. Hodge claims to have been the archer who shot King Harold Godwinson in the eye.
Hodge meets our mercenary gang in his tavern and passes the offer of work from "Tristan the Spooky" on to them. The rest of Tristan's mercenaries have left for Caen already. The trip to Caen will take three days--so they have the rest of the day and night to prepare.

Pride & Wrath

On the road to Flers: It's rainy and the narrow road is muddy. On one side of the road is a stone wall, beyond which is a farmer's hilly field. On the downhill side of the road is a muddy stream and trees.
Our group meets another mercenary group led by Gregory, a known French mercenary. While there is a language barrier, it is obvious that Gregory's men don't intend to get off the road and want our group to get off the road. Whichever side gets off the road is going to get wetter and muddy by climbing over a wet, mossy fence or getting in the stream.
Whoever yields sees a small peasant girl in the trees laughing at them.

Lust & Envy

In a town along the route, the  mercenaries seek lodging in an tavern/inn. A beautiful dark-haired peasant woman, Nema, walks into the tavern. It's obvious that all the men present notice her. Any man with an appropriate Compulsion (like some of the mercenaries) must make an appropriate Stamina stress roll. Any who fail will desire to flirt with Nema. This desire will be so strong to incite anger in other men who fail their Stamina roll, probably leading to a brawl.
Bruce is beaten up pretty badly and taken away by Nema. He wakes up the next morning to find himself naked in a barn. He has no memory of what happened during the night. He is also Tired (-3) and will not recover above that fatigue level.


Bruce didn't want to stand watch one night.


One of the mercenaries bought a gold ring set with a gem from some merchants for much less than it was worth.