Adventure 3: "En-Lightning"

Played: 17 April 2005
Storyteller: Kris
Players: T.C. (Tristan), Tom (Richard), Scott (Aodh)

The Northumbria Covenant (on the Yorkshire coast)

The PC's meet a tall, blonde haired magi who claims to be Snorri, but later turns out to be an impostor.

Later a small, localized storm approaches the covenant. It turns out to be the real Snorri, who is a Dwarf, being chased by spirits of the air. Aodh is struck down by the spirits. Both Snorri and the spirits of the air are capable of using lightning bolts in combat.

During the conflict he impostor sets fire and burns down two of the covenant's laboratories. He then magically disappears.

Richard goes to the Stanford Bridge Covenant to get Cearl, Melyon and Paulus. Paulus heals Aodh and leaves three magical cakes that heal the person who eats them.

Snorri uses a text to cast Aegis of the Hearth at level 30. Snorri, Aodh, Cearl and Melyon are included in the Aegis.

The Covenant sends Immin the Scribe to the Stamford Bridge Covenant for the season.