Name: Richard the Outlaw

(from someplace not far from York, Norman noble's son)
Age: 23


Int -2
Per -1
Str 2
Sta 0
Pre 3
Com 2
Dex 0
Qik -1

Virtues: Flaws:
Enduring Constitution (+1) Infamous Outlaw  (-4)
Inspriational (+1) Powerful Enemy (his brother)  (-2)
Self Confidance (+1) Vow  (to clear name) (-2)
Tough (+1) Deep Sleep  (-1)
Lightning Reflexes (+2)
Highly Trained (+3)
Total +9 Total: -9


Speak French 5
Speak Anglo Saxon ()

Brawling 3
Shield & Weapon (shortsword) 5
Longshaft Weapon (lance) 3
Etiquette (nobility) 3
Leadershiop (military) 5
Ride (battle) 3
Speak Latin 3
Area Lore (York) 3


Richard is the eldest son of a noble, but only by a few minutes.  He has a faternal twin, Reynold.  Richard was destined to take his father's place when his father died.  He is strong, good in the skills of combat, a natural leader (well liked by the men at arms) and good looking. Besides Reynold he has 2 sisters and another brother, who is almost 10 years his junior.  His mother died when his youngest brother was born. 

Reynold is less of a fighter and more of a diplomat, some would say a schemer, and very ambitious.  So not long after their 18th birthdays events happened to change Richard's life.  A visting noble and his son were treaded to a feast in honor of settling the boundry between their lands.  Richard as his want did not lack in his drinking and retired early.  The next morning the visting noble's son was found dead in his bed, with Richard's knife in his back.

While Richard proclaimed his innocence, it was to no avail as a servent testified seeing Richard in the area of the dead son's room early in the morning.  A women was found who proclaimed that both Richard and the noble's son were her suiters, and had arguments over her.

Soon Richard was held prisioner and sentenced to death by his father.  During the night he grew to suspect it had all be arranged by his brother to allow Reynold to assume the title.  Whether Reynold had done the killing or had someone else do it, he could not tell.

Sometime past midnight Richard was rescued by a stranger whose face was covered in a hood.  By the voice he thinks that it was a women, maybe a relative of one of the men at arms, or maybe one of the women who had their eyes in him.  Somehow the two guards were asleep, the stranger was able to unlock the room and noone hindered their escape.

Once outside, the stranger suggested Richard seek out a pig farmer outside of another village, who would allow him to live there.  The stranger then dissapeared into the night.   Richard spent the winter with the farmer, when early in spring a written message came, warning him that he had been spotted and Reynold, their father having died during the winter, was sending men after him.