Journal of the Syrtis Major Explorers and Gentlemen's Club

  1. Dundracon XXVII, February 2003

    The Strange Devices of Sir Neville Harrington

    Sir Harringtion, KCB, KCIE, SMEG and his expedition to the Martian highlands are overdue. The members of SMEG must mount an expedition to look for him. Be sure to pack cigars and brandy.

    Sunday 8:00 AM Room 166
    Game 515  GM: Kris Miller
  2. DunDraCon XXVIII,

    Forecast: Genius With a Chance of Doom"

    Sir Neville's Weather Regulator has been stolen and applied to nefarious ends! Continuing from DunDraCon 27, but an entirely new adventure. Tea will be served.

    Sunday 4:00 PM Room 152
    Game 607 GM: Kristian Miller
  3. Dundracon 30, 17-20 February 2006

    Murder on the Mount

    Our intrepid adventurers receive a telegram from the director of Earth's first mountaintop observatory: the benefactor of the observatory has been murdered! The work of anarchists? Martian sympathizers? Or perhaps a more sinister plot.

    Sunday, 8:00 PM, Room 147
    Game 712  GM: Kris Miller