Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Paths of the Damned Campaign, Game Kastle, 2006-2007

I ran the Path's of the Damned campaign (published by The Black Library) for a few years at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, California.  Here are some notes:

Convention Sessions

  1. The Bones of Rasmuesen
    At a DunDraCon, John Polack ran an excellent session of the first edition of WFRP (published by Hogshead Games).  Here is my character and notes from that session:

    Isolde Petrovich, priestess of Morr

  2. Another Twist of the Tail
    DunDraCon, 17 February 2007, 8:00 PM, Room 168
    Children of the Horned Rat, "To Hell Pit and Back" scenario
    1225:  Lisa Markus
    1410:  Jeff McRorie
    1676:  Dan Crisper
    xxxx:  Markus
    xxxx:  Eric
    xxxx:  Arthur