I've been a gamer since 1976 or so. I have found that games are a great way to study history, explore new ideas not found in everyday life, and to exercise the intellect.

I try to focus my gaming efforts in the topics below. These are serious projects and I do play a number of lighter games with my friends.

If we share a gaming interest, and you are in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, please drop me an email (kris at this domain).

Great Battles of History

Age of Enlightenment (17-18th Century) War Games

GMT's Musket & Pike Battle series (17th Century)

Battles from the Age of Reason (18th Century)

The Gamers Wargames

This is one of the larger series of games that I play, so it has its own web page. Click here for information on the series.

Panzer & MBT

James M. Day's series of combined arms simulations games.
Next War: Poland cover

Next War Series (GMT)

Admiralty Trilogy


Next War: Poland cover

Role Playing Games

Click to see a separate page of RPGs that I like to play and run.

Science-Fiction Games

  • Android (FFG, 2008)
  • BattleFleet Mars (SPI, 1977)
  • Battletech (1985+)
  • Dune (GF9, 2019)
  • High Frontier (Sierra Madre Games, 2017)
  • Icehouse Pyramids (Looney Labs)
  • Ogre (SJG, 1977)
  • Twilight Imperium (FFG)
  • War of the Ring (SPI, 1977)

Star Fleet Universe (ADB)

StarForce 'Alpha Centauri' (SPI)