RSSP Campaign

17 August 2002

Day Game Attendance: Glenn, Kevin, Erick, Chris Tann (his first meet), Kris
Evening Attendance: The day gamers plus: Lisa
Menu: Kevin's fajitas
Location:  Kris' & Lisa's house in San Jose

Event Summary (by Kris):

It appears we had the largest meet in a long time.

Since I wasn't ready to playtest Epic 40K we stayed true to our Traveller theme. Glenn ran his RSSP campaign. Then Kevin cooked his fabulous fajitas which put everyone into a non-gaming torpor (but the cameraderie was great).

Kevin and Erick stayed till Sunday. We started Sunday with a trip to the Anh-Son bakery for excellent pastries and coffee. Erick and I then did a small playtest of Epic 40K to prepare for my game at Conquest. We fought a single small detachment on a side. We quit before any decisive end, but the Space Marines were broken and the Tyranids were enjoying the buffet.

I do have one soft cooler that someone (Chris) left behind. I'll hold it until next month unless someone wants to pick it up.

Next month's meet is on the 21st.