Sky Galleons of Mars

21 September 2002

Day Game Attendance: Erick, Glenn, Kris
Evening Attendance: The day gamers plus: Lisa
Menu: pizza
Location:  Kris' & Lisa's house in San Jose

Event Summary (by Kris):

After the successful raid on the Umbrian spice convoy bound for Syrtis Major, the greedy Cloud Captains of the Shistomik Mountains began fighting over the spoils.

The battle between the Sky Runners was relatively uneventful until Lucky Pierre (Erick) managed to set fire to The Red Goffin's (Glenn) galley.  His crew managed to set the blazing galley down in a small canal town where the crew -- seeing an opportunity to recoup their losses--immediately began looting and burning the settlement. Lucky Pierre and my captain then attempted to bleed each other's galleys white by picking off the crew with cannon fire. Old grudges were kindled when Lucky Pierre repeatedly settled his galley on top of mine in a spiteful attempt to ruin the new deck fittings. Both galleys whittled away at each other over the town's orchard until my trims man was killed.  Shortly after that, my galley lost trim, flipped over and fell into the orchard killing all of the crew and two farmers. The handful of remaining crew on Lucky Pierre's galley left the area with nothing to show for their efforts. A reward is offered by the British governor for Red Goffin and his crew for their nefarious behavior while in the town.

The battle was followed by pizza and two of the Lexx movies (thanks to Erick).

Next meet is October 12. The games will be Space 1889 RPG, and either Sky Galleons of Mars or the RSSP campaign.