Full Thrust: 27 September 2003

Players: Kevin (Intruder), Erick (Defender), Kris (Referee)

Intruder vessels are entering system to refuel at local gas giant. They are desperately low on fuel and each ship only has d2 turns of combat endurance. Roll separately for each ship and fighter squadron. When the unit has exhausted its combat endurance it may only maneuver and not fire. Fighters may not rearm at the carrier until the carrier has refueled. Refueling is accomplished by entering a low orbit around the gas giant (the ship model nearly touching the gas giant model) with a speed between 6-8 inches per turn. A ship must spend two turns refueling before it gets the benefit of being refueled.

Intruder Force: New Anglian Carrier Group (1086 points)
Defender Force: (790 points)
Turn 1:
Intruder has initiative
Decision: Point defense does not count against ship endurance (for special limited endurance rules)
Turn 2
Defender has initiative
Defender 2x Attack Fighter attacking CE.
Rule: Review dog fighting and let players know
CE PDAF score 0 hits; fighters do < 1 threshold of damage.
CA inflicts life support critical hit on Intruder CE. Life support will fail in 2 turns.
Turn 3
Defender has initiative. Many fighter dogfights. Intruder DD suffers power core critical hit.
Turn 4
Intruder has initiative. Intruder fleet has broken through Defender's line. Intruder DD's power core goes critical and destroys ship. Intruder CE's crew abandons ship. CE becomes drifting hulk.
Turn 5
Defender has initiative. Scattered firing and fighter activity. No Intruder shooting.
Turn 6
Intruder vectoring towards planet. Defender attempting to turn ships around.
Turn 7
Intruder approaching gas giant orbit.
Decision: Pending review of Traveller material, ships refueling in gas giant can be fired on.
Decision: Refueling takes 2 turns, during which the new fuel cannot be used by the refueling ship.

Dinner: Kevin's fajitas and his mom's apple cake; Tom, Sophie and Pierre Boudier, Lisa, Erick and Kris
Evening Game: Carcasonne: Hunters and Gatherers. Lisa's hunters and gatherers win.