Striker II

Campaign Scenario 3

10 April 2004


Striker II game: Glenn, Erick, Kris, Chris, Steve
Dinner: hamburgers and fixings
Evening: Mark McDonald, Lisa, Maksim and Diana

Declared Allegiances:

Referee: Kris
Konra: Glenn Goffin, Chris Tann 
Aasun: Erick, Steve, Maksim

Scenario 2:
Scenario by Kris Miller
Striker II: Rebels attempt to seize and destroy key Konran installations.

Order of Battle:

Rebels (Erick, Steve, Maksim):
1 rebel infantry company consisting of:
    3 infantry platoons with:
       1 tactical command stand
        4 infantry stands

Konra (Chris, Glenn):
GOK Internal Security Platoon with:
    1 tactical command stand
    3 infantry squads with:
       1 command infantry stand
       1 infantry stand
GOK Armored Car Platoon with:
    4 self ordering V150 armored cars

Turn 1:

Rebels rush Premier's Palace and take it! They push back GOK police into open.
Note: if melee is expected, set up scenario with almost even morale. Rebel morale deliberately set high for this scenario to reflect their previous two successes. Police morale and experience set low to reflect capture of best police units in last scenario and the impending fall of the Konra regime.

Turn 2:

Police armored cars rush Palace and are destroyed by rebel antitank rocket launcher (ATRL) fire. The GOK squad that fell back from palace eliminated. Rebels place satchel charge in the Palace. Rebels take television station.
Note: There was some comment about not being able to move the miniatures in a circuitous route to avoid enemy units. The Striker II style of movement is common in many miniatures rules. To avoid an enemy perimeter one needs to take multiple turns, reflecting the extra time needed to cautiously go around a known or suspected enemy position.
Note: GOK squads that were pushed out of Palace could have used a "Disengage" order this turn to avoid Opportunity Fire. They would only be subjected to General and Final Fire after they had reached the cover of a building.

Turn 3:

Rebels place satchel charge in TV station. GOK repulse charge by Rebel B Platoon. GOK regroups infantry and 1 V150 reinforcement arrives.

Turn 4:

Rebels rally and regroup. GOK cautiously advances, rallies and regroups.

Turn 5:

GOK V150 cautiously advances.

Turn 6:

Rebels advance cautiously  on GOK HQ.

Turn 7:

Rebels storm GOK HQ and force back police.

Turn 8:

GOK counterattacks HQ and is eliminated! Rebels win.

Next Month:

Campaign Scenario 4. The rebels storm the capitol building (with help from Aasun troops). Premier Ko is still alive.