Campaign Scenario 1

10 January 2004


Stargrunt game: Glenn, Erick, Kevin, Kris, Chris Tann, Maksim
Evening: Candy, John Gates, Lisa
Glenn Scheming

Declared Allegiances:

  1. Chris Tann, Mercenary
  2. Glenn Goffin, Konra
  3. Kris Miller, Aasun and campaign designer


  1. Campaign Tree
  2. Campaign Briefing

Scenario 1:

Scenario by Kris Miller
Stargrunt: Rebels attempt to assassinate Premier Ko.

Order of Battle:

Rebels (Erick, ?):
  • Cadian Platoon (Green): command section, heavy machine gun team, and 3 squads
  • Two snipers (Green)
  • 1 large satchel charge: 6" burst radius, d12 x2 contact penetration, d12 blast penetration
Konra (Glenn, Chris-mercenary):
  • NAC Mercenary company (Regular): company command section, platoon command section, 3 squads
  • GOK police (Elite): 1 command squad, 2 police squads
  • GOK police sniper (Elite)
  • Premier Ko's convoy (Regular): police grav flyer, Premier Ko's limousine, police armored van

Turn 1

Rebel snipers fire on police in city. One sniper is discovered. Police take casualties.
Mercenaries move north toward city. Rebel squads attack  near city in an attempt to draw mercenaries closer to city.

Turn 2

Lots of close assault. Mercenaries push rebel squad back and take prisoners. Interrogated rebel prisoner reveals information about rebel placement.
Police continue to take casualties from snipers and withdraw into nearby building leaving wounded comrades in the street.
Max and Erick's Hair Pulling Moment

Turn 3

Mercenary troops move in on second rebel position. Unarmed civilian rebel sympathizers attempt to pick up weapons from fallen GOK police officers. Police fire on them causing casualties and suppressing them.

Turn 4

Ko starts trip on table; does a combat move every time
Rebel squad 2 does suicide attack. Satchel charge rolls a "1", no effect.


Ko survives. Next scenario is Scenario 2.
Squad 1: 2 KIA, 3 wounded, 5 broken
Squad 2: no casualties
Squad 3: 3 KIA, 3 wounded, 1 POW, 3 broken
Squad 1: 3 wounded (one out of action, 2 return to duty in five weeks)

Konra statement:

"The Minister was disappointed with Our Beloved Leader's security
arrangements in [redacted]. Do you understand? Dee I Ess Appointed!!
Armed terrorists were observed within fifty meters of Our Beloved Leader's
motorcade! Get this insurgency under control promptly, or you will be
replaced. Do you understand? Are Ee Pee Laced!! [Unintelligible]."
Chris and Glenn Planning

Rebel statement:

The intolerable scum that call them selves the GOK will pay!
Konra will be free. Ko WILL pay for his crimes with his life.


  • more dummy counters for rebels
  • Ko shows up on turn 4, or maybe randomly
Chris Surrounded by Erick and Max Kris Selecting Dice