Dark Nebula

12 June 2004

Day: Glenn, Erick, Kris, Maksim, Scott McDonald, Diana, Lisa Markus
Evening: plus Elizabeth Brierly, Denita,  Candy Weber, and Mark McDonald

Dark Nebula: Erick, Glenn (no report yet, but they stopped playing after a few rounds)
Mayday: Kris, Maksim, Scott
Played introductory scenario "The Grand Prix."
Settlers of the Stone Age: Lisa, Maksim, Diana and Scott
Air Bridge to Victory: Kris set up the introductory scenario

Barbecue chicken and fixings.

Evening Games:
Lord of the Rings with the Sauron expansion: Lisa, Candy, Diana, Maksim and Scott
Scott/Sauron won
Risk 2210: Mark, Erick and Kris
Erick won by ruling the Earth. Kris' Australian aborigines started over on the moon.

Next Month:
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