Striker: 13 March 2004


Striker game: Glenn, Kevin, Erick, Kris, Chris
Dinner: Kevin's fajitas
Evening: Candy, Mark & Kerry McDonald, Lisa, Maksim
Note: This was Kevin's last game with us while he lives in California. On Sunday Lisa and Kris took him on an insider's tour of Lick Observatory.

Declared Allegiances:

  1. Glenn Goffin, referee
  2. Chris Tann, Mercenary
  3. Kevin, Konra
  4. Erick and Kris, Aasun

Scenario 2:

Scenario by Glenn Goffin
Striker: Konra military forces launch retributive strike against rebel town.

Order of Battle:

Rebels (Erick, Kris):
1 platoon of rebels
Aasun military advisors organized as a GEV company
2 laser cannons in camouflaged fortifications

Konra (Kevin, Chris-mercenary):
GOK Internal Security Platoon with V150 armored cars
Mercenary grav tank company

Turn 1:

Heavy rain, night.
Konra Internal Security Police advance across muddy field. All but one armored car becomes mired.

Turn 2-6:

Konra Police dismount and slog across open field.

Turn 5:

Mercenary tank company delayed due to order confusion. Had to be clarified by cell phone.

Turn 7:

Aasun GEV company arrives and massacres Konra police in open. Rebels in village open fire on police as well. Surviving police surrender in good order.