16 April 2005

Day Game Attendance: Kris, Glenn, Maksim, Chris, Scott McDonald, Ray and Mark Indiveri

Evening: Matt and Karen Hoskins, Bob Owen, Lisa, Mark McDonald, Diana

Menu: hamburgers and the fixings, Bob's duck and deer liver

Day Game:

Kris ran Battlestations scenario "First Contact." This scenario couldn't have been playtested well. The rules seem pretty clear that the players really need to guess the "Rosetta Stone word" out of all the words and that's near impossible. Reasonable changes to the scenario would be to let the players win if they can broadcast any word or if there were many fewer missiles. We finished the scenario and started the scenario "Showdown," which is a straight fight and better balanced.

Evening Games:

DBA: Mark Indiveri's Pyrrhic Greeks vs. Kris' Early Viking in a anachronistic match. Mark was sweating for a while but his knights finally got into the Viking rear area and killed their general.
DBA Game

Starfarers of Catan: Matt, Karen (the winner), Lisa, Mark McDonald, Scott, Ray (replaced by Kris after DBA game finished)