9 July 2005

Day Game Attendance: Glenn, Kris M., Tom G.

Evening: Elizabeth, Danita & Paul, Karli & Bryant, Matt & Karen, T.C., Mark M., Lisa

Menu: hamburgers, grilled chicken and Boca Burgers with all the fixings, Danita's fruit salad

Day Game: Battlestations!

Scenario: "Bad Apple Shakedown Cruise"

The traitor engineer revealed himself the first turn by trying to disintegrate an engineering module. He managed to disintegrate Engbot-2 leaving the crew of the Precious Rhinestone with no professional engineers. The traitor was incapacitated but the damage was done: our hero's were not able to generate enough power to stay in the fight. They were getting shot up pretty bad when Icosahedron gave the order to ram the enemy ship. Both ships had to make two hull failure checks at 5+. The enemy ship rolled snake-eyes! The hero ship barely managed to stay together. Extra commendations were awarded for clever thinking in the face of certain doom.

Evening Games:

Ticket to Ride: Lisa, Karli, Danita, Paul, Karen
Shadows Over Camelot; Tom, Glenn, T.C., Kris, Elizabeth/Karen, Lisa, Matt