11 June 2005

Day Game Attendance: Kris S., Glenn, Karli, Kris M., Kevin

Evening: Mark M., Daryn and Miyoko Baker, T.C., Lisa

Menu: frozen pizzas

Day Game: Battlestations!

Kris ran Battlestations scenario he made up called "The Cake From Beyond." The crew of the UREF frigate Precious Rhinestone is tasked with delivering baking supplies to the famine stricken colony of New Antarctica. Enroute they are redirected to investigate why communication relay #3557A has stopped broadcasting. They arrive to find the relay being molested by an energy consuming space blob. The red pulsating blob then attacks the Precious Rhinestone, draining it of energy.

The crew won an overwhelming success by using a science probe to easily ask the question, "Is the blob harmed by salt?" They then loaded salt from the cargo bay into a missile and fired it into the blob.

Quotes of the Day:

Glenn: "Life support has no function in the game but we can't let it get destroyed for too long."
Karli: "It's been confirmed. It's a blob."


We had a star party with Kris' 14" telescope. Objects: Supernova 2005cf, The Bug Nebula...

Picture of Lick Observatory Visitor Center by Kevin Bingham