14 May 2005

Day Game Attendance: Kris, Glenn, Maksim and Diana, Scott McDonald, Ray and Mark Indiveri, Lorraine and Erik, Lisa

Evening: Kris, Scott, Lisa and Karli

Menu: Kevin's fajitas (cooked by Kris)

Day Game: Battlestations!


This just over the hyperwire...

The gallant crew of the UREF Frigate Precicious Rhinestone captured the pirate frigate Tiktiktit that was blockading the Zoallan colony world of Zoalpha. UREF casualties were reported as light; no clones were activated. Several Canosian pirates including the nefarious pirate captain Zikzitiz (AKA "Captain Sparks") were captured. Due to the bravery of our UREF boys in uniform (some of which who who can actually wear a uniform) food shipments from the colony to the Zoallan homeworld can resume.

Kris ran Battlestations scenario "Showdown." It is definitely a well balanced scenario. The players had superior tactics and good teamwork and prevailed. They won an overwhelming success by capturing the pirate vessel and collecting the prize money for it.

Quote of the Day:

Glenn (as his Silicoid pilot): "We'll turn on the T.V. and see what happens."

Evening Games:

Citadels: Scott, Karli, Lisa and Kris