Stargrunt II

29 April 2006

Location: Game Kastle, Santa Clara, California

Day Game Attendance: Glenn, Kris Miller, Tom G., another GK customer (name?)

Evening: Kris, Lisa, T.C., Kate

Menu: Chef Ming's Restaurant

Day Game: Stargrunt II, "The Fight at Wardshaven"

Kristian Miller:  observer
Tom:  Gram forces
?: Sacnoth forces
Glenn Goffin:  scenario preparation, referee
Table by Kristian Miller.
Miniatures by Glenn Goffin
Stills photography by Matt Hoskins (Game Kastle)

This was a second playtest of Glenn's scenario for KublaCon 2006.  It was a pretty close game with the king being assassinated by insurgents posing as starship crew.

Evening Games:

Fistful of DragonstOnes, Citadels