19 August 2006

Day Game Attendance: Tom G., Glenn, Jimmy, Merwin, Mark Indiveri, Ray Indiveri, Jim (Jimmy's father), John Fox, Kris M., Chris Knox-Davies

Evening Game Attendance: Tom G., Glenn, Kris M., Chris

Location: Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA (

Dinner: Chef Ming's

Day Game: Battlestations!

Scenario: Shepherd Shipping
The crew successfully destroyed the pirate ship and got the freighters to the planet.  We ignored the alien life form.

Picture Caption: (clockwise from left) John Fox, Tom G., Mark, Kris, Merwin, Chris, Ray

Evening Game: Battlestations

Scenario: Ace Crew, Deuce Boat

Tom generously agreed to run another game of Battlestations.  Chris's and Kris's characters died during boarding attempts on the fugitive ship.  The fugitives escaped.