Glenn’s RSSP Campaign

23 December 2006

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Location: Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA (


Day Game: Traveller RPG, RSSP Campaign

Glenn’s Orientation

This is a little orientation to the Regina Subsector Special Police Traveller role-playing game campaign.

The summary for people who know Traveller is this:

Setting: More or less the official Traveller universe. Regina/Regina/Spinward Marches year 1111, just after the Fifth Frontier War

Rules set: MegaTraveller

Characters: human or Vargr; no more than four terms; any career

Here's a little more detail:

There is a folder in the files section of this group with some materials about the campaign. One file is called "campaign background" or something like that. It's written for someone who doesn't know anything about Traveller. It should give you a good idea of the entire background. Don't kill yourself reading every footnote.

It will get us into the scenario more quickly if everyone brings a character ready to play. If you want to generate your own character, use the MegaTraveller Player's Manual. Here are some comments on character generation:

The Duchy of Regina (Regina and Jewell Subsectors) is expecting a wave of organized crime as the Zhodani withdraw from the star systems that they have occupied and before things stabilize and return to normal. To help get things back to normal, the Duchy is beefing up the Regina Subsector Special Police. The player characters have been recruited to join RSSP as entry-level detectives.

Create a character that you will enjoy playing as a detective in this campaign. RSSP wants people who have some experience, but not too much seniority. Two or three terms of prior service are preferred, in any career in the Player's Handbook.

RSSP recognizes that detectives have to be able to go undercover or at least be discreet. So it's only hiring humans and Vargr for these jobs.

The game will be more fun if you put some thought into your character's back-story. Where is the PC from? What does he or she look like? What experiences has he or she had? What motivates him or her? Why would he or she join RSSP? Why would RSSP hire him or her? If you want to write a short biography, do so. It can help organize your thoughts. Again, though, don't kill yourself. This is supposed to be fun.

Don't worry about what stuff your character has. He or she will be an employee of a pretty well equipped organization, and will be issued equipment as needed.

I haven't said anything about skills or statistics (or attributes or whatever Traveller calls strength/dexterity/endurance/etc.). The character's statistics are not that important. As long as he or she can function, there are no minimum levels of any statistic.

Many skills are applicable to police work, so I leave to you to figure out what you want your character to be particularly good at. It never hurts to take Jack-of-Trades skill.

If you have any questions or need any help with character generation or back-story, email me.

Of course I reserve the right to edit your characters for balance. My style of campaign leans more toward ordinary people solving difficult problems than superheroes overcoming superfoes.


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