Twilight Imperium

28 October 2006

Day Game Attendance: Lisa, Glenn (spectator), Kris M., Eric S.

Evening Game Attendance: Lisa, Glenn, Kris M., Eric S., Ric and Justin

Location: Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA (

Dinner: Chef Ming's

Day Game: Twilight Imperium

Eric moved a small fleet onto Mecatol Rex right before a law was passed prohibiting invasions of Mecatol Rex. He sat there building up on Mecatol Rex (his Secret Objective) and used Diplomacy to keep Kris from attacking him. Successful accomplishment of his secret objective led to his victory.

Evening Game: Battlestations!

Scenario: Black Hole

The DD-428 fell into the black hole shortly after its science missile did. Fortunately the enemy ship followed them in moments later, resulting in a mission "overwhelming success." Unfortunately the highly upgraded DD-428 was lost with all clones.

Quote of the Day:

" Oops" ‐Everyone