16 September 2006

Day Game Attendance: Tom G., Glenn, Kris M., Kris S., Eric S.

Location: Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA (

Dinner: Chef Ming's

Day Game: Battlestations!

Scenario: Asteroid Investigation (AKA Asteroid Infestation)

The Human registry ship, DD-428 ship was sent to investigate unusual signals in an asteroid field. The signals were from an asteroid colony of alien bugs. They began boarding the DD-428 in waves. A Battle Frenzied Teweet began slaughtering the aliens with his energy blade. Unfortunately the only damage to our ship was from his energy blade: 13 hull points of damage, plus slagged Life Support, Teleporter and Missile Bay modules! Kitkitz followed Teweet repairing damage as she went. Tiktikztk acted as a “human” shield for Kitkitz, using his high Athletics skill to shrug off the alien attacks.

Quote of the Day:

"Damn him and his impenetrable groin!" ‐Eric

Picture Caption: Kris M. plans the crew's defense against the alien boarders. Kris S. considers how to repair the resulting damage.

Dinner: Dinner at Chef Ming 's included planning for the "Vampire at the Backdoor" movie.