Star Party

14 April 2007

We had originally planned to have games in Grant Park and a picnic dinner, followed by attending the Hall's Valley Star Party.  Unfortunately the forecast predicted rain all day and into the night, so we moved the meet back to Kris and Lisa's place.  About 12:30 it actually snowed for about 15 minutes, but it didn't accumulate.

Daytime Attendance: Kris, Lisa, Rich & Sabrina Pardoe, and Tom G.
Dinner Menu: Kevin's Fajitas
Evening Attendance: Lisa, Kris, Rich & Sabrina Pardoe, Tom G., Glenn, Supatra and Mark M.

Daytime Games:

Hey! That's My Fish! x2 - Kris, Rich, Sabrina, Lisa and Tom

Pitch Car (with Expansion and Expansion 2) x2

Wins & Places:

  1. Kris, Rich, Lisa, Tom, Sabrina

  2. Kris, Sabrina, Rich, Tom, Lisa

Ca$h'n Guns x1 - Lisa ($110,000), Kris ($80,000), Tom ($70,000), Sabrina ($65,000), Rich ($50,000)

Combat Commander: Europe x1 - Rich and Tom

Qwirkle x1 - Kris, Lisa, Sabrina

Gene Pool x1 - Lisa and Sabrina

Evening Games:

Diamant x1 - Glenn, Supatra, Kris, Lisa, Rich, Sabrina, Tom, Mark.

Perpetual Commotion x1 - Supatra (-24), Glenn (30), Lisa (110), Kris (67), Tom (-3) and Mark (16)