Location: Game Kastle 2

8 December 2007

Attendance:  Chris K., Kris M., Lisa, Tom G., Glenn, Mary G., Joe R.

Day Game: Battlestations

Kris, Chris, Lisa, Glenn, Joe and Tom played Battlestations. Here is Tom's report:

Hi all,

Last Saturday's Battlestations! ended with the ship destroyed at
the end of the session. The characters may have made it into the
obelisk.  BUT, just four rounds later the obelisk completely blew
apart leaving everyone but ToWheet (is that spelled right?) dead.

When all of the crew but ToWheet clones came online, headquarters
knew something went very wrong. Because of the great interest in
the obelisk they immediately sent out another ship. When the ship
arrived all they found was ToWheet floating in his armor nearly dead.
After ToWheet revived they heard the story of what had happened.

The result is a failed mission. The crew get the following.

ToWheet - Prestige, Experience & Credits 85 (50 for the attempt & 35
                for driving off the enemy ship.

                He gets to keep his power armor and anything he
                was carrying at the time.  All other gear except basic
                issue was lost.

All Others - Prestige & Credits 185 (50 for the attempt, 35 for driving
                  off the enemy ship and 100 of dying.)

                  Experience - none.

                  All equipment was lost, the clones will be given the basic

The ship naturally was lost, and the crew will be issued a new ship of
the same class, without any upgrades or extra modules.

See you on the next mission.



Everyone had dinner at Ye Olde Royal Oak Pub.  It is just on the next block on Coleman from the new Game Kastle 2.  The food and service were very good.  It was a friendly place too.