Galactic Destiny

Tactics-0 Eighth Anniversary

Location: Game Kastle 2

10 November 2007

Attendance:  Chris K., Kris M., Lisa, Tom G., Glenn, Siobhan, Mary G., Dan & Christie Brunk

Day Game: Galactic Destiny

Kris, Chris, Lisa, Glenn, Siobhan and Tom played Galactic Destiny by Golden Laurel Entertainment

This game ran longer than our first September game.  We played it correctly.  There were many more elections this game and that took longer.  One election on turn 4 saw a particularly long exchange.

During the turn 4 election, Siobhan attempted an assassination attempt on one of Glenn's senators.  It failed so she followed up with a successful Seduction. He rebounded by playing Multitasking (so his senator was unexhausted). Another Seduction was played on his senator.  She was busy during that election.

We quit the game at 18:00 for dinner.  Lisa and Chris were in the lead with 8 sectors each, but the Ke'Ras also had 8 sectors.


Everyone had dinner at Ye Olde Royal Oak Pub.  It is just on the next block on Coleman from the new Game Kastle 2.  The food and service were very good.  It was a friendly place too.

Evening Games

Chris, Kris, Lisa, Tom, Glenn and Jeff from Game Kastle played a game of Trans Europa followed by Star Munchkin. We quit when the store closed at 22:00.