Fifth Frontier War

Location: Game Kastle

06 December 2008

Attendance:  Kris M., Joe, Glenn

Game: Fifth Frontier War (Turns 2-5)

Glenn and I sat down for our second session of Fifth Frontier War. This game doesn't look like a monster game, but it has a lot going on and we had to set up and take down after considerable record keeping. This session report is told from the Zhodani perspective. All units are Zhodani unless designated otherwise.

After taking 40 minutes to set up, we began Turn 2...

Turn 2

The Zhodani fleet above Enope pacified that world without a fight.

The 40th Fleet unsuccessfully hunted the Imperial Scout Squadrons (ScoutRons) in the demilitarized zone. The 65th (Attack) and 67th (Attack) fleets destroyed the last of the System Defense Boats (SDB) at Jewell for 24 Zhodani VPs.

Zhodani ScoutRons continued to bomb Mongo, delivering 10% losses to the Mongo Planetary Defense Forces (PDF). ScoutRons in orbit over Emerald and Quar inflicted 20% losses on those world's PDFs.

The jointly controlled world of Esalin saw moderate fighting between the Zhodani and Imperial indigenous forces. Attrition will most likely destroy the units there.

On Dentus the 87th (Imperial) was destroyed with 10% losses to the 15th Division (Vargr) and the 101st Army (Vargr). However fighting against other Imperial units will continue.

Turn 3

The 40th Fleet (Raider) catches the Imperial ScoutRons at Tremous Dex. The ScoutRons disengage with no damage.

The bombing of Mongo and Emerald continue. Emerald PDF takes 30% losses. The ScoutRons that assisted the invasion of Jewell move to Zircon and inflict 30% losses on the PDF there.

Turn 4

Mongo and Emerald are bombed for significant losses. This low priority bombing effort is within a turn or two of completion.

The Battle for Dentus turns into a massacre as the remaining Imperial units suffer 40% losses. The battle of attrition on Esalin sees 30% losses to both sides.

Turn 5

The 40th Fleet (Raider) pursues the Imperial ScoutRons and destroys one squadron at Denotam system. The 28th Fleet (Strike) surprises another fleet of Imperial ScoutRons at Tremous Dex and destroys another Imperial ScoutRon.

The bombing of Mongo an Emerald continues. Ine Givar guerrillas overthrow the government on Emerald! (+11 Zhodani VPs)

Battle of attrition continues on Esalin. Vargr units on Dentus destroy remaining Imperial resistance. Dentus falls for 10 Zhodani VPs.

Battle for Louzy

Louzy is going to be a battle to watch for the next few turns. Situated on the Imperial Frontier, it is a stronghold with a strong PDF and SDB squadrons. Unfortunately, I needed to attack it as it is a choke point for Jump-3 capable fleets to enter Imperial space. If I don't control it my fleets must take a much longer route to get to the Imperial sector capitol of Regina.

The 65th and 67th fleets jump in system. One Battleship squadron (BatRon) suffers heavy losses while the fleet inflicts 30% losses on the SDBs. Bombardment of the planet commences and produces 40% losses to the PDF there. The admiral decides to hold of on a planetary landing until the PDF is reduced further.


At the end of turn 5 the victory points are: Zhodani = 65, Imperial = 4 (for having a squadron over the vacuum world of Quare).


Kris, Lisa and Glenn had dinner at Chef Ming's.  We returned to Game Kastle for a game of Dominion.