Painting & Prep Day

Mount Hamilton, CA

6 June 2009

Attendance :

Kris M., Chris K., Glenn (afternoon only), Lisa, Aron C., Sarah, Ken M. and Mike E.


Glenn worked on his terrain from the Game Kastle flea market.  Aron and Sarah worked on basing miniatures.  Kris worked on his Armorcast 28mm Mad Cat battlemech.

Some people went for hikes and Lisa gave a short observatory tour to Aron, Sarah and Chris.

The club decided that, instead of running a campaign before CelestiCon/GZG-WCC, we would playtest a variety of games for the convention.


Menu:  hamburgers, chips, beans, watermelon, cole slaw, potato salad, Caesar salad.  Carrot cake for dessert.

Evening Games: Tsuro, Wiz-War

Seven of us played two games of Tsuro (a recurring evening game for Tactics-0).  Mike, Lisa, Chris and Kris played a game of Wiz-War.