Dr. Who Miniatures

Mount Hamilton, CA

14 March 2009

Attendance :

Kris M., Chris K., Glenn, Lisa, Mark M.

Day Game: Dr. Who Miniatures Game

Chris ran the Dr. Who Miniatures Game for us.  We managed to play two games in the afternoon.

In the first game Glenn played the Heroes and Kris played the Cybermen.  We switched sides for the second game.  Chris played U.N.I.T. in both games.  The Cybermen won each time.


Lisa and Mark joined us for dinner.

Menu:  frozen lasagna, salad, store bought garlic bread, berry and apple pies for dessert.

Evening Game: RoboRally

In the evening, the five of us played two games of RoboRally. Kris won the first game and Glenn the second.  Kris and Chris sandwiched Mark's robot between them and created the Chris/Kris Laser Sandwich.

View from Meet
Clouds passing by house.
Dr. Who Miniatures Game
Reporters protected by U.N.I.T. soldiers; Cybermen approaching on left.
Pi Day Desserts
RoboRally: Shake'N'Bake board.
Chris/Kris Laser Sandwich
Chris, Mark and Kris playing RoboRally
Kris, Glenn & Mark playing RoboRally