District 268 Campaign

Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA

16 January 2010


Tarkine/District 268 (C466662-7) is an Imperial client world in the Spinward Marches.  An Imperial task force normally protects the planet's scout base and bolsters the planetary government's indigenous military.  With the outbreak of the Fifth Frontier War, the Imperial task force is needed elsewhere and the local government is engaging mercenary units to replace it.

Tarkine is rated as an Amber Zone because of the continuing uprisings of the 6 million inhabitants.  With the Imperial Task Force gone, the Independence on Tarkine Alliance (IoTA) has initiated a new uprising to overthrough the Imperial client government.  IoTA is hiring mercenary units to supplement its indigenous militias.

Mercenary Tickets

See District 268 Mercenary Campaign Tickets (pdf)


Game Attendees:  Ken, Glenn, Kris M.

Day Game:  Striker

Scenario: Independence on Tarkine Raid on surplus vehicle depot.  Ken played the Loyalist security forces.  Glenn played the IoTA rebels.  Kris was the referee.  All terrain off the road and outside the surplus depot's gravel lot is dense forest.  Loyalists placed two command detonated mines in the woods outside the depot.

Turn 1:  IoTA pickup trucks speed in and are shot to pieces by the armored cars.

Turn2:  Loyalists call for reinforcements.  They will arrive on turn 11.  IoTA runs forward in the woods.

Turns 3-5:  IoTA fire team 42 blown to pieces by mine.  IoTA 41 routs.  IoTA squad leader 4 chases after IoTA 41.

Turn 6:  IoTA 41 continues rout but their squad leader finally catches up to them.

Turn 7:  IoTA squad leader 4 rallies IoTA 41.

Turns 8-10:  Both sides are mavuevering in chess-like fashion for the charge by IoTA into the compound.

Turn 11:  Loyalists reinforcements arrive.  Remaining IoTA troops withdraw into the thick forest.  Two IoTA members of fire team 42 were seriously wounded and taken prisoner by the Loyalists.

Campaign Effects

The failure of the IoTA raid means that the IoTA units will have to find replacements that are all Recruit quality.  They will also not have use of any armored vehicles in future scenarios.

Evening Attendees: Glenn, Ken, Lisa, Kris M.

Dinner:  Chef Ming's.  We closed down the restaurant.