District 268 Campaign

Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA

17 July 2010

Campaign Events:

Daytime Attendees: Glenn, Ken H., Joe R., Kris

Day Game: Striker

Scenario:  The surrounded Tarkine Loyalists send out the distress call to the STC mercenaries.  STC sends a convoy of security and recovery vehicles to rescue the Tarkine unit.

Tactical map (pdf)

Loyalist operation order (pdf)

Independence on Tarkine Alliance operation order (pdf)

After Action Reports

...PATRIOTIC TIMES supplement 22 May 5623 CE PATRIOTIC TIMES supplement 22 May
5623 CE PATRIOTIC TIMES supplement "more than an iota of truth" PATRIOTIC TIMES
supplement 22 May 5623 CE ...

Well this morning’s little action at Walkingtree Farm resolved over the afternoon into a rescue of government troops by the expensive STC mercenaries that our government has hired to protect us -- apparently from each other.  I think STC stands for Siphoning Tarkine Credits, which is mostly what they do (and the amount we’re paying them is a public record, previously published here and elsewhere), or maybe Save The Corporations!, which seems to be their real assignment.

Some of boys took time off from the early harvest to go help out their brothers, bringing homemade lunches and rocket launchers.  Our boys exchanged fire with the government troops hiding behind the women and kids in the buildings of Walkingtree Farm (now officially recognized as a “strategic hamlet”, we hear).  One squad of government goons ran screaming out of the south silo across the road after receiving a hail of fire, and we’ve heard that several more of those thugs were killed and wounded, to which we say, good riddance.  We don’t have any word on civilian casualties, and while we hope such were avoided, we know that it’s a cost of war imposed on us by our own government!

The government put the civilian buildings between our boys and their armored vehicles.  Our boys tried to hit them with rocket grenades, but had no luck and actually caused some damage to the south silo.  The armored troops fared better against our boys, their machine guns killing and wounding several as they moved away from the hamlet to engage the STC vehicles coming up from the starport.

And what was going on at Tarkine Down?  You may have seen the glow and heard the explosions, but we got the story from friends of friends of starport security personnel, if you know what I mean.  It seems that the fancy security gate that STC installed wasn’t opening fast enough for them, so they used their vehicles’ main guns to blast it open!  Now are we supposed to pay for a new gate?  I hope the price of that is coming off the monthly stipend we’re paying them – and I recommend you write your representative and demand that STC pay for the gate they destroyed!

Anyway, our boys had no luck shooting at the STC vehicles – they hit some of them, but the rockets pretty much bounced off, and so the lads withdrew to fight another day.  That makes me think that those STC fellows better stay in their armored barracks at night.  Our boys have some rockets left, and plenty of bullets. 

Remember, don't give them nothing that you don't have to: not one iota!

Signed, Your Editor

Campaign Effects

STC managed to recover most of the Loyalist vehicles.  The Loyalists will be able to use them later in the campaign.


Lisa M. joined us for University Stuft Pizza delivery.