District 268 Campaign

Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA

22 May 2010

Campaign Events:

Daytime Attendees: Glenn, Ken H., Xander, Kris M.

Day Game: Striker

Scenario:  The government of Tarkine imported new, Tech Level 8 armored fighting vehicles.  The Tarkine Defense Battalion took delivery of the new vehicles and was convoying them to the capitol, Dellis.  Along the route Independence on Tarkine Alliance rebels ambushed the convoy.  Several of the new, "high tech" vehicles were destroyed and a number of Loyalist troops were killed, routed or surrendered.

Map of action (pdf)
Loyalist operation order (pdf)
Independence on Tarkine Alliance operation order (pdf)

After Action Reports

...PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash 22 May 5623 CE PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash 22 May 5623 CE PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash "more than an iota of truth" PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash 22 May 5623 CE ...

You've probably heard the explosions and seen the plumes of smoke – or holos that the Impie-Aggie puppets who claim to be our government haven't managed to suppress –  but today we start with an ode to Morry Brokk, patriot, hero, and martyr of the ambush at Walkingtree Farm, written by one of his naturally anonymous comrades:

His sergeant dead
And his squad-mates fled
Yet still the enemy's blood he'd shed
Corporal Brokk on the rooftop

He made his stand
Grenade launcher in hand
`Gainst twin tanks with MGs manned
And twenty-plus Impie lap-dogs

Brokk took his shots
Tied the enemy in knots
Till at last their bullets in great lots
Killed gunner Brokk on the rooftop

-Anonymous Iota

The government had spent your tax money on new armored vehicles to use against you, and was moving them up Highway 1 from the starport to Dellis.  Our boys were waiting for them in and around Walkingtree Farm, and let fly with plenty of rockets, outright destroying three of the new toys and panicking three others into running at top speed right back to the starport.  On the way there, they ran into a little surprise package that blew up in their faces, stopping two in a tangle of felled trees. 

Wild automatic weapons fire from a couple of the tanks ended up killing several of our boys, whose names won't be listed lest their families suffer reprisals (you didn't think Brokk was his real name, did you?).  The whole column (except the one that got away) was either trapped on Highway 1 (the ground off-road being too soft for them not to get stuck) or destroyed within a few minutes of our lads' first shots. 

Four of those city boys did the smart thing and surrendered.  They'll be enjoying a healthy farm vacation – something they used to pay good money for, before the Ags and the Imps started squeezing – pending "negotiations".  

After they killed Cpl. Brokk, the lone defender of the Walkingtree Farm, the government troops who didn't run away or give up  hunkered down in the farm buildings to wait for Big Ag's hired guns to come rescue them.  One wonders how much of our tax creds that mission cost?

Anyway, I don't think our boys are too sorry for all your tax creds that went up in smoke, and you shouldn't be, either. 

Remember, don't give them nothing that you don't have to:  not one iota!

Signed, Your Editor

Campaign Effects

Tarkine Loyalists forces will have to continue the campaign without the destroyed vehicles.  Loyalist recruiting is reaching an all time low and they will have fewer troops and the troops will be lower quality.


Lisa M. joined us for University Stuft Pizza delivery.  The game continued until Game Kastle closed.  Neither side wanted to give up the fight.

01. Walkingtree Farm
02. Armor Tries Detour
03. Ambush Is Sprung
04. Lead Vehicle Destroyed
05. Catastrophic Explosions
06. Higher View of Ambush
07. Both Sides Mostly Run Away