District 268 Campaign

Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA

24 April 2010

Campaign Events:

Spinward Transport Company (Ken H.) has claimed the "Tarkine Down Security Ticket (Company; Security)" mercenary ticket and will defend the starport and maintain its defenses.

Mingu's Marvels (Glenn) have claimed the "ab SuSAG, LIC, Tarkine Security Ticket (Platoon; Security)" mercenary ticket and will defend the SuSAG facility.

More tickets are available--see the January monthly report.

Game Attendees:  Ken H., Ken M., Glenn, Xander, Kris

Day Game: Striker

Scenario: Spinward Transport Company is scheduled to disembark from their transport.  IoTA sympathizers working at the starport have given the details of STC's arrival to IoTA leaders.  An IoTA squad gains access to the base with two "bomb trucks."  While STC unloads IoTA launches the bomb trucks at the transport.  Simultaneously, other IoTA trucks loaded with troops cross the defensive perimeter through breaches in the defenses.  IoTA sympathizers had created the breaches in the STC sector during nights just prior to the STC landing.  Neither bomb truck reached its target (one being destroyed by an STC main gun) and the IoTA aborted the attack.

After Action Report

Here is the Spinward Transport Company's after action report (PDF).

To:      Tarkine Down Starport Authority

From:    Spinward Transport Company

Re:      Planetfall and Disembarking

Spinward Transport Company is pleased to begin contract operations at Tarkine
Down starport. STC will begin making security improvements immediately, beginning
with securing the assigned areas of the starport grounds and building expedient
defensive works for the STC personnel, vehicles and material. We look forward to
working closely with starport personnel to plan and facilitate both near term and
long term improvements to starport security, and invite a direct meeting at your
earliest convenience.

We are especially glad our timely arrival allowed us to immediately assist the
starport security personnel in minimizing damage and injuries due to the sabotage
activities taking place during our landing. Though we are primarily a construction
unit, our engineering and self-defense capabilities promptly enabled us to protect
starport facilities and visiting commercial vessels. Our lead vehicle was able to
make use of its obstacle clearance fusion gun to halt the saboteur vehicle, and
suppress the unprovoked rocket fire aimed at the starship. Once disembarked, our
security vehicles were able to provide effective defensive coverage over the
starship and starport.

We look forward to continued successful collaboration with the starport
authorities and personnel, and other local agencies.

Captain Neil McGowan, commanding.

...PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash 24 April 5623 CE PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash 24 April 5623 CE PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash "more than an iota of truth" PATRIOTIC TIMES News Flash 24 April 5623 CE ...

Certain hired guns of the big ag interests, who go by the innocuous-sounding name "Spinward Transport", got a warm welcome at Tarkine Down Starport today, being met by pickup trucks carrying bombs and a hail of artillery fire.  One of our young hotheads, Fritz Vensson, gave his life for the cause, disappearing in puff of smoke after the Transporters blasted him with a giant plasma cannon – it looks like the citizens can expect totally disproportionate responses from these goons for anything, so the recommendation will be to avoid them totally and not do business with them at all – and that means you, ladies of the Boylston-Tremont neighborhood, as well as all of you food vendors, clothiers, entertainers, and anyone else who hasn't already been bought and paid for by big ag.  Don't sell or give `em anything until they leave – not one iota!

Signed, Your Editor

Dear Editor of the CE Patriotic Times,

Bravo! I too am appalled by this situation. Our idiot "representatives" should be appalled, as should EVERY citizen. Their actions at Tarkine Down are unforgivable. It's about time somebody stood up to this tomfoolery. These foreigners have no right and no business in interfering in our politics. Not even an iota! They are nothing but psychotic dogs of war that are only interested in making a buck on death and destruction. We all need to teach these whelps a lesson, and send packing with tails between their legs.

By allowing them to stay for even a short period of time, their carousing in our city centers will incite undesirable behavior, and attract an unsavory element, corrupting our very culture. If we allow this to continue, what you will see is the beginning of the denigration of our very way of life!

Of course, these mercenaries will only claim that they are just doing their job. But they are part of a larger agenda against honest patriotic citizens. In the end, who will pay for these mercenaries actions? We all will! Upstanding patriots who want only what is right for Tarkine.

These craven warmongers will never be for us. They are against us and everything about who we are.

Tarkine forever!

-A Patriotic Citizen

Campaign Effects

Spinward Transport Company can expect the remainder of their disembarkation to go smoothly.  They suffered no losses and all troops gain 1 experience point.  All surviving IoTA troops gain 1 experience point.  IoTA suffered only 1 fatality and can easily replace the trucks.


Lisa M. joined us for dinner at Chef Ming's.

Evening Game: Ken's Mayday variant

Ken M. ran a variant of Mayday using a race scenario.

Turn 2
Turn 2

Turn 2 or 3
Turn 2 or 3

End Game
End Game