Team Play Variants

Play on real terrain.

This requires getting a map of the actual terrain fought over in Europe. Mark a copy of the map with a scale 1 km square grid. I recommend getting a military map as it is already marked with 1 km grid squares.

Pick an area of the map to start playing on. Pick three adjacent, non-diagonal grid squares to start on. Determine the dominant terrain in each grid square. Is it mostly clear? Pick an Open terrain card. Is there a river? Pick a River card. Place the three cards with the same orientation as the terrain is on the map. Each player should be on the side of the terrain cards corresponding to the map direction they will be defending the three grid squares from.

For multiple games (campaign) play: The loser retreats back to the three grid squares behind the three just fought over. The winner advances on the map. Determine the dominant three terrain types of these three new terrain squares. Play the next game on them.

For team play: Pick a line of grid squares. The line's length should be three grid squares for each player on each side. Each player faces his opponent over the usual three terrain cards, with another friendly player on his right and left. For multiple games, the terrain can be adjusted for advances and retreats by picking new terrain for multiple games, but diagonally adjacent terrain grid squares can be chosen so that the battle line is an approximation of a curve

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