RPG Old Characters

This is just a repository of all those old PC's that I've played over the years. I don't want to throw them away as they are memories of good times with old friends that I don't want to forget. But I need to make more room around the house so I'm converting them to electronic format.


Against the Darkness

My first D&D dungeonmaster, Dan Brakhage, grew up and started his own game company, Tabletop Adventures.  One of their games is Against the Darkness.  It is a game of "modern Vatican horror, conspiracy and investigation.  At the Nuke-Con gaming convention I got into one of his games.  Here is my character from that game, Wade Hampton, neophyte investigator.


I think Mike Eckert ran this game of Alternity at a convention.  I played a Fraal telepath named Captain Kuld Arnos.

Arcana Unearthed

A fantastically detailed campaign run by Alan Hodges.

Here are some character sheets of my character: Nathred Todhunter, a Hawk Totem Warrior/Wood Witch.

This is the journal of the game.

Alan also provided a handout containing information about the campaign and his storytelling/game mastering style.

Boot Hill (TSR)

Karl Strunck ran a Boot Hill campaign at Hobby Town while I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. This was about 1982 or so. He ran the "Mad Mesa" campaign. Here is my character, Zane Connery (240 KB pdf).


The only Champions character I kept was Rebel Son from the convention session of Champions: Survivor ran by BJ Goukler.

Traveller (GDW)

The 8 Worlds Campaign has been run by Paul Gazis since about 1980. I played in it from about 1998 to 2005. My game notes and character sheets are here (420 KB pdf).


MegaTraveller (GDW)

Chteflchenz-Zhdonszho-iashav AKA Duke Jeff

Duke Jeff was my MegaTraveller character in a campaign I played in while I was in grad school in Nashville, Tennessee. I don't even remember the name of the referee or other player.


Tombo is my character in Glenn Goffin's RSSP campaign. Glenn ran this campaign at some of the Tactics-0 meetings. His character sheet and notes are here.

Metamorphosis Alpha

In 2016, at DunDraCon, I played in Kevin Glazner's Metamorphosis Alpha game. He ran one of the best convention games I have ever played in. My character, Leslie Hofenpepper, was a mutated rabbit.


Jeff Kesselman ran Torg at a number of conventions.  I managed to get into one game.  Here is the character I played.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Isolde Petrovich, priestess of Morr

John Polack ran a game of WFRP, 1st edition, at a convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He made up some nice pregenerated characters for the game and let us keep them.  He was a good referee and it was a fun game.  Isolde Petrovich is a priestess of Morr (the god of death).  Undead are anathema to Morr and putting them down with prejudice was a lot of fun.