The Frieze of Blissful Condemnation

Rogue Trader RPG Campaign

The Frieze of Blissful Condemnation





The Sessions


Dramatis Personae (June 1, 8 & 22)

On these days we generated characters and created the ship:  the light cruiser The Frieze of Blissful Condemnation.

Player Character
Phil Cruxus Draconis, Rogue Trader who inherited The Frieze of Blissful Condemnation from his uncle, the Rogue Trader Lucius Draconis.  Cruxus is a former officer of the Imperial Navy.
Nick Vorgen, Seneschal
Xander Frost, Explorator
Joel Roland, Void Master
Ken H. Alberecht, Explorator
William Quenn, Arch Militant and mutated flesh-eater.

The Parvenu (27 June) Day 0

This session starts with outfitting the Frieze in Port Wander.  The Draconis household is a Faded Dynasty as Uncle Lucius disappeared with most of his fleet in the Heathen Stars subsector.

They encounter Captain Waygates of the RT Frigate Indefatigable, Captain Balthazar Bainthzen of the RT Raider Damnable (aka Excorciation of the Damnable Xenos in the Name of the Blessed Emperor), Captain Darnius of the Bow of Longius, and RT Captain Greenhalj in command of a frigate.

An 8 day jump to Battleground seemed to take 8 months of time due to the vagaries of warp travel.  This had a negative impact on the ship's crew.  From there they jumped to the Hermitage.

Crew Logs:  The Parvenu

Differences of Dogma (6 July) Day 22

The Frieze exited the warp and approached the Hermitage.  There was a Vagabond  class ship docked.  It was Captain Fortunus of the Enduring Profit.  Captain Fortunus invited the officers of The Frieze to his ship for dinner.  He told them that the astropathic choir at Scintilla had gone silent about 2 months ago.  Fortunus knows something of Lucius Draconis's interest in Dolorium

At the Hermitage religious debate between the passengers of The Frieze the local ecclesiarchs erupts into a bloody confrontation.  The passengers are missionaries of the cult of Saint Drusus the Condemner, led by Father Brantos, who are on their way to Footfall to restore their mission there.  The local group, led by Abbot Gorach (a ruddy, scarred, man with a few ragged tufts of hair on his head) are members of the sect of Saint Drusus the Warrior.  The fight erupts in the central transept that is richly apportioned with a bluestone altar, platinum aquila and banners depicting St. Drusus victorious in battle against xenos.  Father Brantos reveals that the reason his group chose the Frieze of Blissful Condemnation to carry them to Footfall is because the 50-meter tall statue that forms part of the Frieze's Warpsbane Hull defense against the warp is a statue of St Drusus the Condemner.

Cruxus Draconis ordered 650 crew left behind on the Hermitage to set up a Trade Office.

Jump to Footfall.  The abandoned mission of Saint Drusus the Condemner is here.  The crew finds rotted bodies of missionaries in the labrynthine sub-levels of the mission.  Several of the banners depicted St. Drusus condemning xenos, heretics, Chaos and Eldar have been defaced.  Three criminal gangs have taken up residence in the mission.  They are led by the arch-criminals Boggs, Gil and Guile.

Crew Logs:  Differences of Dogma

Lost in the Groin of Saint Drusus (18 July) Day 31

Cruxus sent coded astropathic message to Captian Darrius of the Bow of Longius requesting information on Captain Fortunis.

The Frieze's chief navigator is Zuguen. 

At Footfall they meet Captain Finality of the RT Frigate Finality.  She appears to be an attractive girl of about 15-years but she claims to have known Lucius Draconis when he was starting out as a Rogue Trader some 80 years ago.  The Finality is a gloss black frigate with red trim that appears to be very new.  Captain Finality invites Cruxus to dinner in her dining hall, a large ballroom paneled with real nalwood.

The officers of the Frieze conduct combat operations against the crime lords in the mission of St. Drusus.  The mission is built to represent a statue of St. Drusus one kilometer in height.  Quenn and Roland become lost in the mission in the area corresponding to St. Drusus's groin.  Guile and her company escape the mission.

Crew Logs: Lost in the Groin of Saint Drusus

Beginning Finality (October 12) Day 52

The Frieze spent 10 days in warp transporting Atellus Caledon and his party to Foulstone.  There was a warp incursion.  The only officer on the bridge was Roland, the Void Master.

Crew Logs: Beginning Finality

Finally Finality (October 23)

Cpt. Cruxus Draconis, dressed in his finest Navy uniform and bearing a gift of a bottle of some of his finest liquour, attends a dinner with RT Captain Finality on the RT Frigate Finality. The Finality is a non-standard frigate as it is highly modified, but it looks practically new! Captain Finality returns a brooch with the Draconis family crest to Cruxus that was given to her by Lucien Draconis some 70 years ago.  Aside from the brooch's pecuniary value, it seems odd that a woman who barely appears to be 15-years old was given a brooch by Uncle Lucien some 70 years ago! Analysis shows that the brooch responds to a coded signal.  (It is a teleport homer.)

The Frieze jumps to Foulstone.

Foulstone system has 10 planets.  Planet #2 is a dead world with xenoarcheological ruins on it.  Planet #3 is a small gas giant surrounded by two dozen moons and several asteroids. The entire planetary system is bathed in high electromagnetic vox and sensor interference.

The Frieze pursues an unknown vessel to planet #3 and is ambushed by two Ork Raiders hiding behind the planet.

Crew Logs: Finally Finality

Greenskins! (November 7)

The Frieze engages in battle with the two Ork Raiders laying in ambush behind Foulstone #3. The Frieze is victorious but only due to some unholy aid.

Crew Logs: Greenskins!

The Uncle's Interest (November 21)

After recovering from their fight with the Ork Raiders, The Frieze jumps to Kain's Abyss.  The Kain's Abyss system orbits a K-type star and has one single, apparently dead world orbiting.  The planet has a chasm many kilometers deep and almost 200 kilometers long near the equator.

The Frieze continues on to Dolorium-3, the main planet of the Dolorium system and home to Lucien Draconis's secret interest.  Dolorium-3 is a medieval world that Lucien was exploiting for its mining interest as well as other things...

Here they encounter the pirate frigate Drachmarian Mystery, captained by Captain Drakmar of the Drakmar Clan and another frigate.  The Frieze is still damaged from its battle with the Ork Raiders and manages to escape to the Dolorium system's asteroid belt and effect one week of repairs before the pirates find them.

Cruxus leads a boarding party against the pirates but is shot down, missing in action and presumed dead. The Frieze hulks one of the pirate frigates, The Excoriation, and loots it.  The Drachmarian Mystery is also crippled.

Cruxus is missing...

Crew Logs: The Uncle's Interest

Beginnings of Demigod (December 5)

Test of a Demigod, Part 1 (December 19)


Test of a Demigod, Part 2 (January 2)

The Hint of Purple in Her Eyes (January 16)

Kicking the Legs Out (February 27)

Ring of Time (March 27)

Squaring the Ring of Time (April 10)

Damnable Dealings (May 22)

Eldar, Part 1 (June 5)

Eldar, Part 2 (June 19)

Start of Second Cruise (3 July)

The Crypt (31 July)

Return to the Expanse (18 September)

Into the Abyss (2 October)

The Glow of Kain's Abyss (16 October 2011)

Pursuit! (13 November 2011)

Strange Murders on The Frieze (27 November 2011)

Turkey Shoot on Falcon's Fall Gamma (4 December 2011)

What's Cooking? The Priest (18 December 2011)


Exposing the Purple Flame (2012-01-01)

Cobalt Clash! (2012-01-08)

Lizard Hunt on Dolorium (2012-01-15)

Laying Low (2012-01-29)

Death of Solace Encarmine (2012-02-12)

They're like lemmings... (2012-02-27)

Family Reunions Are Always Hard (2012-03-11)

Squaring the Ring of Time (2012-04-10)

Twisting the Ring of Time (2012-04-24)

Cruise 3, Alberecht 2.0 (2012-07-08)

The Magos Visits (2012-07-15)

Hab Block 518 (2012-07-29)

Divining the Tarot (2012-08-05)

Abrecruiting (2012-08-12)

NAR.F. (2012-08-19)

Machine Spirits of the Hermitage (2012-10-07)

Suspects (2012-10-14)

Ogryns' Day Out (2012-10-28)

Dolorium, Pleasure Planet? (2012-12-09)

Includes pictures of the players and their miniatures.